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Hi Friends,
I've got to say that the best part of being an Elvis Entertainer is meeting all the wonderful people around the world that love and respect the King of Rock'n'Roll as I do. Please take a minute to say hi and express yourself.
All the best,

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We have been to Graceland several  times, and Nashville, and Tupelo, and every other Elvis worshipping site in  the land, and seen many Elvis performers along the way. We (and others present at the party) have seen performers at the Hull Casino and elsewhere, but none could have worked the crowd as well as James. The voice, the look, the moves, the sincerity, the humour, and mostly his comfort
with the crowd - will be long remembered by all. Val was totally surprised, and that is further testament to the finest details being carried out by James. His entrance caught absolutely everyone by surprise, as only 3 people (myself and our two daughters) were in on the gig. A class act - bar none !!!!!!!!!!

Gord McDonald - Private Party, Kanata, ON

James, what can I say except thank you. You have always done an
outstanding job for us and this is the best review I've ever seen. Outstanding!

Trevor Tasker, Director GiGs Entertainment


James Begley's performance was incredible. He was very professional and full of energy. I truly enjoyed his show, I have seen many other Elvis
impersonators, but no one came close to James. Keep it up James!

Carlos Ferreira, Medtronic

I want to extend our Thanks and appreciation for the very masterful interpretation of your Elvis Presley & Buddy Holly act that you performed at our New Years Party (Le Crystal in Montreal). We can see why you have been acclaimed as the Nations Best. Dave Orcutt, Vice President, Bombardier

Tribute artist James Begley is quoted in the program as being a high energy Elvis Entertainer. That is the understatement of the year. That young fellow put his heart and soul into showing the audience a good time. It was two hours of solid entertainment, with never a dull moment.  It is no wonder he retains his “boyish figure” with the energy he expends during the show. His singing is great and he has all the Elvis moves down pat. My friend Marie said that if you put him beside the young Elvis, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. He spent a good bit of time down among the audience. Although there were lots of guys there, he romanced the ladies “of a certain age” by kneeling near, kissing cheeks, patting cheeks and gazing longingly into their eyes as he sang. He even sat on a few laps, one of which was mine! I wondered how many times he got his bum patted as he bent over in the aisle in his skin tight leather pants….or are we too reserved for that? I guess I am, although I must admit I came within about half an inch of overstepping the bounds of decency. Teresa Kelly, Peterborough Examiner

An Evening with the King,

James’ performance was amazing, a sell-out audience both evenings.
Beginning with the purple velvet shirt from the early 50’s , he captivated the audience.
 Moving into the 60’s with his crisp army uniform and of course  the 68 special, black leather had the crowd screaming.
Let’s not forget the 70’s and the stunning white jump suit.
James was excellent interacting with the audience kisses and scarves for the ladies.  A wonderful entertainer that deserved all the applause and standing ovations he received.
There are no words to describe this fantastic performance.  When he was singing and dancing I thought I was back in time.  That’s the affect he had on his audience.  
As exhausted as he was James never let his fans down meeting with the audience at the end of his performance having pictures taken and signing autographs and scarves.
The show was in a word…fantastic.  I have received countless phone calls and e-mails from friends that have attended the performances and can’t stop raving about it.
We are all waiting in anticipation until the next performance.  Thank you, James for a wonderful evening.  Kathleen Boniface, Oshawa, Ontario
Thanks so much for a great job last night!  Your performance was bang on and you did a wonderful job interacting with the dancers.  It looked really good.  Not only did the client like your performance and say she'd book you again... she said you were 'a gorgeous man... and so easy to look at'! 
Rogers, Corporate Event
I wasnt sure what to expect after ordering blindly online,- but James was an Outstanding Elvis.  He was entertaining, a fabulous singer.  Every song he performed he engaged with the guests and included them by bringing them up to dance.  He managed to walk the entire room and ensure everyone got an upclose performance.  I would recommend James as Elvis for your next party.
Anna Logozzo, Mississauga 
Thank you once again for a very enjoyable evening on Saturday at the "Manchester Arms"
 Being such a small confined area you had to perform in, your performance was excellent. 
We will be looking forward to seeing you again....Our prayers are with you and your family - Irene Dury...
Thank You, for your Excellent Performance at Lesley's Birthday Celebration, It was a night to remember, We enjoyed every moment of your performance, excellent vocals, great moves, you have it all, James you are a true entertainer, and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone, all present loved your performance, and it was greatly appreciated by Lesley ( my sister) the Birthday girl and us all.
Lorenz Francke
Dear James:  Just a brief note of "Thank you"  for your performance yesterday at the Red Hat Fall Follies In Belleville.  There was nothing but positive comments after from all of the women.  Please thank Karla for sharing you with us.  Hope I have the opportunity of seeing you perform again.  If you ever need a recommendation please don't hesitate to have someone contact me.  Thank you again - you were a real pleasure.   Sincerely, Leone Stewart